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Rocabella Villas is strategically located in the heart of Andalusia, near to the majestic cities of Granada, Seville and Cordoba. From the dolmens of Antequera, to the Phoenicians AD and later the Roman Empire and Visigothic Kingdom, the Northern Mountains of Malaga are steeped in history.

During the Islamic period of domination (711-1492), an independent co existing Christian territory and race was created, known as "the Mozarabs", operating under their own law and religion. Towards the end of the 15th Century, the great local hero Hispano-Gothic "Samuel the Noble" created a new kingdom that for 50 years (880-928) ruled as the powerful emirate of Cordoba. The ancient ruins of its capital Bobastro, is very close to where the Finca is located. Today a peaceful place of rural tourism, but in times gone by an imposing mountainous defence with a fascinating history. We encourage guests to explore the history of the  area and surrounding region at their leisure.

Ruins of Bobastro

Rocabella is situated within an area of unique geological and historical diversity. The ancient castle ruins of Bobastro, an imposing mountainous defence during the era of the Mozarabs (711 - 1492).


Guadalhorce Valley

The Guadalhorce Valley, North West of Málaga, is a fertile corridor of natural beauty connecting the coast with the interior of Andalusia.

The region offers an abundance of opportunities for enjoying the natural landscape and fauna, as well as numerous outdoor pursuits such as climbing, cycling, horse riding, kayaking and paragliding. The area also has a rich cultural heritage with a variety of events and festivals happening throughout the year.

Gorge of Gaitanes

The Gorge of Gaitanes is a spectacular canyon carved over centuries by the river Guadalhorce, which runs between the towns of Ardales and Alora. This area is suitable for exploring with children on foot as well as providing an abundance of stunning photo opportunities.

Mountain Biking

El Chorro and the surrounding Guadalhorce region offers numerous on and off road trails to suit all levels of biking experience. With its mild dry weather, the terrain is perfect riding and is a great way to see the sights – as well as keep fit! 

Horse Riding

Whether horse riding for a few hours or the whole day, it’s an unforgettable experience. With an abundance of spectacular scenery, you’ll feel light years away from the mass tourism of the Costa del Sol as you work your way through a variety of trails in the Andalucian countryside.


In partnership with the area’s eminent paragliding school, we can tailor packages and time spent in the air to suit individual needs.We are ideally located near to several main flying sites, including Ronda and Ardales, all reachable within 1 hr by car.

Kayaking and Swimming

Kayaking and swimming are wonderful holiday activities for families and groups of friends. Lake Ardales is a beautiful location to spend some time on or in the water in the sunshine, far from the stress of the crowded coastal beaches.