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Sunshine Holiday Reviews - Rocabella Villas, El Chorro

Enjoy the Perfect Sunshine Holiday at Rocabella Villas, Inland Malaga AndalucIa

Climate in Andalucia

The Mediterranean climate takes its name from, and is influenced by, the proximity of the sea. The outstanding features of the climate are hot, dry summers, mild winters with variable rainfall, almost constant sunshine and an absence of frost. The short spring and lengthy autumn are transitional seasons which tend to merge imperceptibly into one another with no winter season. Other areas around the world with a similar sunshine and rainfall pattern are also said to have a Mediterranean, or winter rainfall, climate. These include south-western South Africa, the central and southern coast of California, central Chile and south-western Australia. Mediterranean climatic areas lie between 30-45 degrees latitude whether to the north or south of the equator.

There is a notable difference in climate between the coastal and inland areas of Andalucia. On the coast temperatures are temperate in winter and less hot than inland during summer. Inland areas have cooler temperatures in winter from November to February and very high temperatures during summer.

Depending on your tolerance to heat, the best time to visit Andalucia might be during April to June and September to the first half of October. At these times temperatures are warm but not too hot and any winter rain is avoided. It is common to see people swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beaches from February onwards during spells that can reach higher than 25C/77F.

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Rocabella Villas - Sunshine Holiday Reviews

Charming place, hidden in the gardens. A few rural villas with different occupancy, so you can find a compatible place to stay with your family or group of friends. Very good place to stay for the lazy holiday, or to take a nice walking trips around El Chorro National Park. "

Because of the natural park which surrounds the villa, we got to see wild goats on the hill tops and even eagles. On one occasion we actually saw four eagles scouring the hills for prey and all from the comfort of our poolside chairs. Amazing!"

Ana Ashton, Dec 13

The area around the Finca is very beautiful. The damn at El Chorro creates a dramatic James Bond villain setting at the bottom of the quite awesome El Chorro Gorge. National Parks surround this area and you can pootle around the winding roads discovering new little places to drive/walk to."

Clancy family, Sept 13

My husband and I have been visiting the Finca for years. This was our fifth visit. The stunning setting, the privacy, peace and quiet lead to total relaxation, almost instantly as you walk drive up the hill to your villa. We’ve stayed in a few of them - this time it was Manzanilla suggesting a tipple for our holiday drink. This is the sort of place I fear telling people about as we want to keep it all to ourselves 

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