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Superb self catering villa holidays in Andalucia, Spain.

Welcome to Rocabella Villas, superb self catering villas in Andalucia, Spain.

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As an ardent adventurist, passionate traveller and lover of photography and the outdoors, I fell in love with Rocabella Villas upon my first encounter back in 2013. It truly is a hidden gem in the Andalusian mountains, a unique tranquil place and one that at the time offered me a place to detach and ease the stresses and strains of being a business owner. Having travelled extensively myself over the years, I can honestly say I've never come across a place such as Rocabella. 

Rocabella Villas is in El Chorro (Alora), set amongst an 80,000 m2 Finca on the side of the green slopes of the Sierra Huma mountains. As well as the self catering accommodation on site, the Finca also has a restaurant and outdoor event space for weddings and parties, all surrounded by enchanting olive and orange groves. The views from the Finca are quite simply stunning, affording you a view all the way downs the mountainside towards the town of Alora and the majestic hills beyond. The feeling you get upon arrival is one of peace and space, a welcome reprieve to think.

The property has been carefully and lovingly developed over the past two decades by the Gomez family. The owner and my business partner Carlos Gomez. is passionate about protecting and nurturing the natural beauty that surrounds the Finca and has always sought to minimise the environmental impact of the Finca's development over the years.  Carlos is an expert in the history of the region and a very welcoming host to those guests that visit the Finca from all over the world each year.

In my opinion, the Finca stands as an exemplary example of rural tourism, offering guests a range of charming self catering villa accommodation set amongst truly spectacular scenery. From its privileged location, guests can not only have easy access to a range of outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, trekking, bike riding and kayaking, but are well placed to visit world renowned cities such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba, all within just a few hours by car. For me, this is the perfect place to enjoy a villa holiday away from the crowded coast of the Costa del Sol.

I look forward to sharing lots with you going forward, from updates at the Finca, to my own adventure travel experiences, travel opinion pieces, promotions, recommendations and of course lots of photos!

Warm Regards,

Jason Ricks

Partner, Rocabella Villas