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Great Escape Holidays in El Chorro - the 'Lake District' of Andalucia

Great Escape Holidays in El Chorro - Discover the Hidden Andalucia

A recent article posted by Andrew Forbes on his blog 'Andalucia Diary', doing a wonderful job of describing the beauty and splendour of the landscape to be encountered in El Chorro and the surrounding lakes of Ardales. He writes:

"A dream destination for rock climbers and geologists, Malaga’s lake district of El Chorro is a popular Sunday rural escape for city folk and villagers alike, looking for a chance to enjoy a BBQ, a waterside view or maybe a multiple course lunch in one of the many bars or ventas. 

The area has some of Europe’s most extraordinary gorges and geological features, and of course the now iconic ‘Camino del Rey’; the precipitous elevated walkway that took its name from a royal visit by King Alfonso XIII in the 1920s. It’s now closed (awaiting renovation) and is only really enjoyed by adrenalin-junkies and climbers.At the turn of the twentieth century, the area was developed for hydroelectricity and reservoirs for Malaga city. It is also home to a remarkable Mozarabic church at Bobastro.It’s not far inland and makes for a great escape to the country with plenty of hiking routes and inspiring views of emerald green lakes, verdant pine forests and striking rock formations."

Here are a few photos I recently took during a cycle ride through El Chorro and the Gorge of El Desfiladero - a truly spectacular place and a perfect day trip from Malaga, which could include a stop over for lunch at restaurant Rocabella or indeed a weekend away and a great escape holiday at one of our wonderful villas at the Finca.