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Andalucia - A Great Escape Holiday On The Bike

A Great Escape Holiday in Spain

A Great Escape can mean different things to different people; for some, its being able to totally relax and unwind undisturbed by the pool, for others it can simply mean a change in landscape and the chance to breathe some clean fresh air. Well, Rocabella Villas ticks both of those boxes and more; for me, a Great Escape Holiday is being able to spend a few days on the road bike getting to know the countryside. I'm a big fan of the outdoors.

Having spent the last few years getting to know my road bike on long distance rides, I've been lucky enough to enjoy the remarkable natural beauty of places such as the Isle of skye in Scotland and the Pyrenees. 

On my most recent trip to Rocabella Villas, I ventured out on the road bike and took to the roads over a few days to get better acquainted with the stunning landscape.

I was not to be disappointed. Starting out from Rocabella Villas, you are immediately met with a choice to turn right and down towards the imposing Canyon at El Chorro, or left and out towards the town of Valle de Abdaljais and further, Antequera. In both directions you are met with beautiful winding roads sweeping up and down and around an ever changing, mountainous terrain.

Panoramic views are your reward for toiling on some of the harder hill climbs, spoiling you with hilltop rustic villas and an abundance of orange orchards and olive groves. The landscape is expansive and inviting with plenty of space to stop for the all important photo opportunity en route. 

Photos from Cycle Trip - Rocabella Villas El Chorro to Valle Abdalajis & Las Lagunillas, a very enjoyable 2-3 return bike ride. (20 - 25 km)


I hired my bike from www.Bike2malaga.com - whom I can highly recommend for both their service and value for money; just 100 Euros for a 6 day bike hire. Your bike can then be safely stored at Rocabella Villas and used as and when you please to discover the surrounding countryside. As I say, A great Escape holiday for those cycling aficionados! 

For more information and recommendations on cycling routes near Rocabella Villas, contact us today at enquiries@rocabella.co.uk - In terms of weather and climate, March until June and October to December are perfect times for a cycling holiday in Andalucia.